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Aging has been associated with many mouth problems. Olderpeople often experience receding gums, cavities or loose teeth, and some ofthem have problem with bad breath, also. However, some things and processes arenormal and unavoidable and other can be prevented or relieved. You can’t changethe fact that your body is going to change with age, but there are many healthmyths that are simply not true.

Teeth in Older People

People of all ages may have healthy teeth and gums, and thatis simply a fact. Our adult teeth are designed to serve us all our life if welook after that in proper manner. Microorganisms are responsible for most ofthe teeth problems we might experience at any point of the life, includingolder age. Even though these are tiny organisms, the effects on the teeth maybe really harmful.

Scientists determined that there are about 700 different bacteriathat may live in human mouth. Some of them are beneficial and good for humanbody, but others are bad. Those bacteria which don’t require oxygen to live(known as anaerob bacteria) can cause various infections of the teeth and gumsand periodontal diseases. In some cases, the same bacteria may becomeresponsible for the loss of the teeth.

All you need to do is to take care of your teeth and mouthand “bad” bacteria won’t affect your health. You shouldn’t think that you arebond to lose some or all teeth, have bad breath or receding gums. These are notproblems considered to be natural, because they are preventable. There are oldpeople, some of them in their 90s, who still have their own teeth and use themto chew and enjoy the food. Keeping your own teeth will provide much better qualityof life. You will be eating healthier and delicious food. Let’s be honest andsay it - pureed food is simply not as tasteful as regular food. Your own teeth,well kept even in older age, will also boost your self-esteem.

Infections of the mouth may be associated with some othermedical problems in your body, and you should be aware of this fact. Diabetic problems,stroke, cardiovascular diseases and some other severe medical conditions mayhave implications on the health of your teeth and mouth. To avoid mouthproblems visit the dentist at least 2 to 3 times every year, even if you don’t experienceany problems.

Protect the Mouth form Anaerobes

Several household items may be very helpful when it comes tothe maintenance of the mouth and elimination of potentially harmful bacteria. Usethe mixture made of salt, baking soda and some hydrogen peroxide (diluted 50:50with water) as the toothpaste and you will protect the teeth and mouth from “bad”bacteria.

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