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Autism is a disorder which usually manifests during the first three years of life. It affects a child's ability to communicate with others normally and function in the society without problems. If you purchase a silver charm, you might help numerous children to live without autism in the future. Namely, Cure Autism Now or CAN is a non-profit organization which collects money for increasing the quality and type of research dedicated to curing autism in children. The organization works by selling silver charm bracelets in order to raise funds, organizes WALK NOW events, looks for corporate partners and is open for monetary donations, all for the sake of improving research on autism and finding a cure one day.

The Silver Charm

Each silver bracelet sold comes with a silver charm heart. For those who make additional donations, there are different variants of charms to choose from. You may choose a boy, a girl, David's star, a cross or a peace sign. All these were designed by Rene Russo, who is a member of the CAN organization as well. Each bracelet sold helps the whole movement significantly, moving us one step closer to the cure.

As for supporting this organization in other ways, you can take part in the WALK NOW event. This even consists of a 3 mile walk which is meant to make people become more aware of autism and the necessity of finding a cure for it. During the walk, people can get informed about CAN organization and the autism per se, through numerous stands, information centers, arts and crafts workshops.

Other Ways of Helping

Besides learning more about the problem, if you can, you should become a corporate partner of CAN. Sponsorship is always necessary and very helpful since campaigns and events cost money. Johnson & Johnson, RBC Mortgage and MBNA America have already joined and are supporting the cause. Nevertheless, CAN and all the autistic children of the world would still gladly accept additional support.

Also, by organizing your own fund raising events for CAN through various events you can help incredibly. Just consult with the organization so that you know which procedures need to be followed during your own fund-raising event.

Last but not least, monetary donations are always welcome and can be delivered online, via mail or through United Way. Any kind of donation will help the organization help autistic children by investing into additional research.

Autism is still quite mysterious and we know little about it. Regardless, we know that it prevents many children and adults from being completely happy, living life to the fullest. Thus, we all can help by contributing in any possible way we can.

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