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Autism is a condition that is characterized, in most cases, by difficulty in social interactions, verbal and non-verbal communication,decreased ability to learn, repetitive behaviors and limited activities. Peoplesuffering from autism have a problem with making a contact with other people andcan understand social conventions. They have some routine in their everydaylife and thus, it is very difficult for them to accept changes and newsituations that don’t fit into their pattern. If something disturbs theirpattern, they can behave in an unpredicted manner. In some cases they can injure themselves,or express aggressiveness to anything new and unknown. It is very hard to live or work with an autistic person and it requires a lot of patience andunderstanding. Children who have ADSs mature and develop in a way that is different from other children at their age. In most cases, areas such as solving ofmathematical problems can be an easy task for them, but areas that includecommunication such as cognitive and social skills can be a real challenge forthem. Some autistic children can learn new words, but, they cannot connect thatword to a sound or a letter.

Disabilities andDifferent Abilities of Autism

A vast number of autistic people prefer to be alone and don’teven notice when someone is trying to talk to them. In a milder form, they caninteract with other people, but it is done in an awkward way that makes others feel uncomfortable. The children with ADSs like to spend time with the adults more than with children who are their age. Eye contact can be a real challengefor them as one finds it difficult to make eye contact with others. Don’t becrossed if you notice that they don’t react to smiles and facial gesture,because they don’t react to them. They don’t like to be touched or cuddled. Theyalso experience emotions and feelings.

Responses to Sensations

People with ADSs have problems in processing of pictures, and that is why their sensory sensitivity varies from mild to severe. They can have unusual sensitivity to sounds,sights, touch, taste and smells, but they can also have a very high level of pain threshold.Other health condition can follow autism as well, and in most cases, thoseconditions are epilepsy, gastro-intestinal issues, weak immune system, motordeficits, anxiety and depression.

They also experience difficulty in learning so, while someskills are learned with no difficulty, other skills are a real puzzle for them.But, on the other hand, there are some skills that are unique for autisticpeople and children. Those extraordinary skills are accurate and detailedmemory for facts and data, long-lasting concentration, and good spatial perception, which can be very useful for music, math, physics, mechanics, science, technologies,and architecture understanding.

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