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Developmental disorder called autism impairs the brain's normal functioning andcauses problems in social interaction and development of communication skills. Theautism spectrum disorder, or the ASD, is mostly seen among children aged threeand this is why adjustment can be a very hard thing. This is a wide spectrumdisorder and thus it can cause different symptoms among various cases.When you work with autistic children, you have to find other ways of doing thisand you cannot use the techniques used in cases of normal children. We will talk aboutthis subject in the following lines.The first thing caregivers and parents need to do is to find as muchinformation about this disorder as possible, since this can be very helpful. Autisticchildren can be supported and this may even make their lives productive andhealthy. Combination of various traits causes many developmental and behavioraldisorders. This disorder can cause low functioning problems, which can be controlled, but it can also cause high functioning autism, which can lead to hypersocialization. Autism is conceived as a persuasive developmental disorder andthus it impairs speech, communication and other developmental abilities of achild. This is an unspecific developmental disorder, which usually makes thefuture life of a person very frugal and financially poor.

Affected Functioning Areas

Autism is a developmental and psychological disorder that causes problems inmany functioning areas, such as self-help skills, motor coordination, language,scholastic achievements and communication. Symptoms among some cases can benoticed very easily, while among other cases they are very hard to detect andcannot be seen at the very first meeting. But normal life is something most peoplewith this problem have and this may be surprising. In such cases, disorder isnoticed during the adolescent or even later life with the use of certainpsychiatric testing. Thought process is what makes autistic persons differentfrom normal ones and it is important to know that they are not disabled becauseof it. Severity of the autism is what affects the challenge of a normal lifethe most. Some autistic people can have some problem with communication andinteraction with other children, comprehension and reading tasks. Socializationof these persons may cause some problems due to the different way of storingand processing information. Caregivers and parents have to get familiar with the disorder so that they canhelp the child in need. Friends, siblings, teachers and other people in thelife of an autistic child can take part of it as well. Practice and therapy canhelp them function better in the society and find their place under the sky. Wecan learn about the autism and thus be able to help them in a better way. Somepeople can lead a normal and healthy life, but this can be done only with thesupport from the surrounding people.

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