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If you are well informed about the symptoms of autism, you will be able to notice the problem in your child in early stage. This way, negative effects of autism can be reduced.

What is Autism?

Autism is a type of developmental disorder, which is commonly first diagnosed in early childhood. Autism is characterized by delayed development of basic skills such as communication and social interaction. The cause of autism is unknown but some scientists believe that it may be caused by genetics, meaning that people from families with autistic members have increased risk of having autistic children. Problems during pregnancy or at the time of delivery could be also responsible for development of autism. It is suspected that environmental factors such as certain viral infections and exposure to environmental toxins could lead to autism. Additionally, food allergies and side effects of some vaccines that contain mercury-based preservative are considered to be other possible causes of autism. Although, autism could be present at birth, symptoms of the disorder usually go unnoticed during infancy. Most commonly, autism is observed between 1-3 years of age.

Symptoms of Child AutismChild autism typically affects following areas of development: communication skills, social interaction and behavior. Children with autism commonly have delayed development of spoken language skills. Nonverbal communication skills like facial expressions and eye contact also develop peculiarly and may be poorly used. Affected child tends to repeat other people’s words but may not be able to carry a conversation. If language is present, a child with autism may speak with characteristic tone that may be similar to robotic speech. Autistic child doesn’t have interest to share enjoyment with others, doesn’t understand emotions such as pleasure and grief and commonly shows resistance to being cuddled. The child prefers to play alone and seems to tune others out. Autistic child does not respond when called by name. Common sign of child autism related to behavior is extreme resistance to any kind of change. Autistic child expresses rigid adherence to routines and rituals such as arranging toys in a specific order. Obsession with one particular topic is also a common sign. Additionally, autistic child is usually hyperactive and uncooperative and has other behavioral problems such as walking on tiptoe, rocking and hand or finger flapping.

Treatment of Child Autism

Autism is incurable but early intervention is important since it can provide considerable improvement in the development of skills. Anxiety, extreme mood changes and hyperactivity are commonly treated with medications. Educational therapy as well as behavior therapy is also included in the treatment.

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