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Growing old with autism

The brain’s normal functioning can be impaired with the developmental disorder named autism. Communication skills and social interaction development will be impaired among the persons with the autism spectrum disorder, or the ASD. This is a wide spectrum disorder and it suggests that every case can be different since symptoms can differ from case to case. Children from 1 to 3 years of age are mostly diagnosed with this disorder, which needs to be treated by different methods since the cases can be very different. Some of the key factors in doing this will be discussed in the following lines. Autistic persons have a lot of problems and one of them refers to normal life. This will require a lot of hard work and acceptance of their condition, as well as learn how to live their lives with autism. But there are problems as well, and they are mostly seen among those who do not get support from the society. We all can help persons with autism by learning about this condition and providing the support for these unfortunate children. Autism cannot be cured and this is another reason for doing this very important task. We have to think about the autistic people as people and not as disabled.


Curse and autism is sometimes the same thing for many people, but there are also some who think this is a joyful state. People can accept this condition and think that this is who they are. Such people want to find their place in the world and be accepted and not cured. All people have weaknesses and strengths and we have to find a way to function in the world with them. Most adults with the autism get used to their condition since they live with it their entire life. Autism begins during infancy and they do not know how to live in a different way. Their processing of the information is impaired but their senses work fine. The storing and processing of information is the problem that can cause tantrums, fits and other more detrimental effects of this disorder, according to some experts. Anxiety and stress are something that autistic people come across every day and this makes functioning in the world very difficult.


Uncontrollable or heightened senses can be found among persons with autism and due to this, they cannot decide if they are filled or hungry, cold or hot. Touch is something most autistic people have problems with, while others cannot stand loud noises and strong bad smells. Affection towards the persons with autism is usually denied. Great problems can be faced when socialization with other people is concerned. Activities and programs that focus on contacts with other people are advised. They can help them communicate and interact with people. Autistic person needs help and this is why people from the surrounding have to be familiar with autism. The society around the autistic person has to be accepting and understanding in order for this person to have a better and healthier life.

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