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Autism is a condition whosesymptoms vary from person to person. There is a wide range of complications andconditions that may appear with autistic patients. Things such as seizuredisorders, gastrointestinal problems, and mental conditions may develop as aconsequence of autism. There are more types of autism and a symptom in onetype doesn’t necessarily has to be the symptom in other type of autism aswell. These symptoms can occur in people who don’t have autism, as they can bethe symptom of some other disease. Many patients that are diagnosed to haveautism don’t have any symptoms of physical or mental disorder. In the mostcases, autism is developed in a small child or a teenager, which is consideredto be odd, because of the differences in social and communicational skills.Thing that may lead to an assumption that a child is entering into the world ofautistic is unusual speech, or sentences repeated in the same way as they haveheard it, the change in the intonation, lack of baby talk. If a child can’tunderstand body talk, it can also indicate autism, having a difficulty to speakin third person singular, as well as to imagine what he or she would do if heor she was a teddy bear, for example. There are patients with autism who canperfectly talk and the one who don’t talk at all. Idiosyncratic are the one inbetween-they can talk, but they can’t do small talk and slang, that is fullwith phrasal verbs and idioms.

A large number of autistic peoplehas sensory and motor symptoms. Sensory symptoms include sensitivity to light,sound, mass of people. It is like there is a trigger inside them, waiting for aswitch. So, don’t be surprised if you see an autistic child covering ears andeyes. Autistic persons with degeneration of motor function are rare to see, butit can be one of the symptoms. Every person differs as a human being, and dueto that, autistic patients differ, too. But, there are some things that aresimilar among autistic persons. They usually do some same activities that theycan repeat endlessly. They aren't interested in many things, they have only oneor two interests. As they don’t like to talk, they surely don’t like to speak and friendship is not their stronger side. It has been determined thatautistic children share the same interest in trains, and adults ininformational technologies.

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