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People who have tried certain alternative techniques in order to deal with fibromyalgia should definitely try cupping therapy, which has recently become popular in both United States and Europe. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome characterized by chronic pain extending all over the body, with tender points located in joints, soft tissues, muscles and tendons. This is a very frustrating and painful condition but fortunately cupping therapy provides excellent results for it.

What is cupping therapy?

Cupping therapy has been adopted and adapted for use from traditional Chinese medicine, although it has been used in other parts of the world as well, for example in Africa and South America.

In this therapy, glass cups are applied to the skin, especially on tender or sore points of the body, and the vacuum is created with the use of heat. The vacuum creates a suction effect, which increases the circulation of blood, releases the toxins and relieves pain. A suction pump is sometimes used instead of a heat source.

There are two basic types of cupping- stationary and massage. In stationary cupping, the glasses are placed on a certain point of the body and left there for a precise period of time. In massage therapy, they are moved around the body to create a massage-like effect.

Cupping is beneficial for any condition that includes muscle or joint pain and stiffness. It also eliminates the toxins and increases the blood flow.

Cupping therapy for fibromyalgia

People who have fibromyalgia and who have tried cupping therapy have found it to be very beneficial as a fibromyalgia pain relief In this condition, muscles and tendons are very tender and even the lightest massage can aggravate the pain. This does not happen in cupping therapy.

Cupping is particularly beneficial for reducing trigger points, relaxation, increasing flexibility and motion range and also for reducing anxiety and depression, which are often associated with this condition.

The tools that are commonly used in this therapy include glass cups, cotton balls, alcohol, candles or matches, or a suction pump. After the points that require treatment have been identified, the procedure begins by lighting up a cotton ball previously soaked in alcohol. The cotton ball is dropped inside a glass cup, where it creates vacuum. The flaming cotton ball is removed and the cup is immediately placed down firmly onto the skin, where it creates suction. Typically, in each treatment four to six cups are placed on different points and they are left on for no longer than 15 minutes. They are also to be moved around.

After 15 minutes the cups are removed. The area may be red, possibly with a red circle formed by the rim of the glass, but it is important to note that cupping is absolutely safe and painless. In fact, people who have tried it continued coming back for more treatment, because the effects of cupping were very beneficial for their condition.

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