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Cupping therapy is an ancient method of treating asthma, bronchitis, constipation and many other health problems. Basically, cupping is a form of massage where cups are pressed against the skin of the patient, creating heat and suction, being quite beneficial for one's well-being and for treating numerous health issues.

This miraculous healing method is practiced mostly in Malaysia and Arab countries. However, it is getting more and more popular world-wide. The cups used may vary, being made from bamboo, plastic, glass, rubber or some other materials.

The Procedure and the Effect

Before the cupping therapy commences, the practitioner checks the patient's pulse and tongue. Then, the patient lies on a flat surface and cups are applied onto his/her skin, creating vacuum pressure emitted upon the body.

Once the skin tissue is attracted under the cups due to the pressure, the patient is left with them for about 5 to 15 minutes. Then, the practitioner presses the cups, releasing the cups due to the equalization of the pressure.

Side-Effects of Cupping

Even though this treatment is considered to be completely harmless, there are certain side-effects which might take place. For example, the pressure may cause the skin to turn red, even to bruise. However, all these occurrences are painless and disappear in a week or so. Yet, due to negative aesthetic appeal it delivers, cupping takes place only on body parts which can be covered by clothes, such as torso or the back.

Logic and Benefits behind Cupping

Cupping rests its effectiveness upon beliefs that our body contains numerous Meridians through which energy flows. Once this flow is obstructed, ailments start appearing. Thus, through cupping, practitioners remove obstructions in the energy flow, healing us.

So, through cupping one can have his/her blood circulation boosted, flexibility improved and energy flow bettered. Also, through cupping therapy one's tight muscles get relaxed, digestive and nervous systems get positively stimulated and colon blockages get removed. Additionally, cupping promotes toxin release from our body, being a cleansing technique, while, at the same time making our veins arteries and capillaries more active, along with our lymphatic system.

All in all, cupping is capable of helping people beat common colds, hypertension, fevers, involuntary muscle contractions, joint pains, shoulder stiffness, sciatica and many other health issues, including lung infections, strokes, dizziness, sleep deprivation, migraines, digestive issues, diarrhea and constipation. Cupping can help one get rid of gallstones and kidney issues as well as liver disorders.

There is not a single serious side-effect of this procedure which can overshadow its benefits.

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