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Fibromyalgia, a chronic medical disorder characterized by the widespread pain in the muscles, ligaments and tendons followed by a painfulresponse to pressure. Its cause is currently unknown and other thanunpleasant and disabling body pain, patients do not develop body damage or anykind of deformity. Fibromyalgia was formerly known as fibrositis.


Symptoms of fibromyalgia vary and depend on weather,physical activity or the time of day. The pain is widespread on the entirebody. The additional pain is experienced when pressure is applied to tender pointssuch as the back of the head, between shoulder blades, shoulders, upper chest,elbows, hips, inner knees.

Patients may also feel stiff joints, sleep disturbance,chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, depression, lupus, osteoarthritis,restless legs syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis.


There are some natural solutions that help in the treatment of fibromyalgia.

Healthy diet - nature is full of remedies used for healingand restoration.

Losing weight - would relieve muscles and joints. Someexperts claim that for every seventy pounds, there is seventypounds of pressure on the knees while walking or moving up stairs.

Exercise - bodily activity of any type that enhances physicalfitness. The choices are great and include walking, swimming, biking, water aerobics or even stretchingexercises may be beneficial.

Stress reduction – a patient should try to avoid emotional stress and to develop a good habit of a daily relaxation routine. Greatstress management techniques are breathing exercises and meditation.

Alternative medicine

There are many successful methods that don’t simply fallwithin the realm of traditional medicine. Some of them have been used forcenturies and have become more popular recently.

Acupuncture - inserting very fine needles into differentpoints on the body to relieve pain or for restorative purpose. This causeschanges in the blood circulation, the brain and spinal cord.

Chiropractic – a health care discipline that treatsmechanical disorders of the motor system under the assumption that thesedisorders affect general health via the nervous system. Treatment is based on spinalmanipulation and has a goal of restoring normal functions of the spine and reducingpain. Chiropractors sometimes use massages and stretching to enhance thefunctions and relax tension in muscles.

Massage therapy – manipulating the muscles, tendons,ligaments, joints and other connective tissue with pressure, motion or vibration. The aim is to betterblood flow in the muscle and thus increase flow of nutritients whileeliminating toxins. It reduces levels of stress and anxiety while improvingthe motion of joints and the production of the body’s natural painkillers, such asendorphin and enkephalin.

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