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The general term for the inflammatory diseases that occur in the upper respiratory system is the croup. In the majority of cases, croup is caused by viral infection. However, there are cases in which bacterial infection or certain allergies lead to the occurrence of the symptoms of croup. The most common viruses that cause this condition in most cases are parainfluenza virus, influenza virus and adenovirus, as well as respiratory syncytial virus and measles.

Symptoms of croup

Croup is a condition that usually appears in children from three months to six years of age. When the croup, which is caused by a virus, occurs in the children who are younger than three years, the symptoms are usually very severe. Croup typically begins with cold and then cough appears. Furthermore, the pain in the throat appears, as well as difficulty while breathing. Those who suffer from croup may also experience common cold and wheezing, irregular heartbeats, as well as irregular breathing rhythm.

Croup can also cause swelling of the respiratory tract lining, fever, runny nose and rapid heart rate and pulse. Additionally to these symptoms, headaches, fatigue, and nausea may also occur. Loss of voice, horse cough, and difficulty while swallowing are also considered to be the warning sings of croup. It is also usual that the child’s chest sinks in when he/she breaths. In the severe cases, a blockage of the windpipe can occur, which further leads to rapid breathing. When there is not enough oxygen, the mouth region becomes bluish in color. When difficult breathing causes high-pitched sound (which is called stridor), it is important to take the child to a doctor immediately.

Remedies for croup

Croup should be treated on time in order to avoid complications such as the infections of the bronchi and the lungs, as well as pneumonia. In most cases when the croup is caused by a viral infection, it is mild and several home remedies are very effective. In order to open the airways and make breathing easier, it is recommended to make steam in the bathroom with the hot water and inhale it about 15 minutes. Furthermore, inhaling moist air is also very good for easier breathing. For this purpose, a cool-mist humidifier can serve. Furthermore, it is very important to consume as much liquid as you can, in order to avoid dehydration. Liquid foods are recommended also because solid foods can only worsen the pain in the throat, as well as cough.

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