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This text will focus on the effects of creosote on human body, whether they are bad or good. The term creosote is used for products that have in their composition wood creosote, coal tar creosote and others. You may have seen it inside chimney flutes, created by an incomplete coal or wood burning. This black and oily substance is also used for treating wood to high temperatures. The creosote is considered very harmful for human body and we will see why.

Health Hazards

There are several side effects possible in cases of the exposure to the creosote. Stomach convulsions, stomach pain and burning in the mouth or a throat may be results of consumption of creosote contaminated water or food. Burning eye sensation can also be a result of contact between the eyes and creosote. Chemical burns on the same location may also be a result of this contact. Creosote bush leaves can be included in some of the herbal remedies, so the consumption of these remedies can lead to problems associated with creosote. Kidney and liver damage can be created in this way. Skin rash and skin irritation may be a result of a brief contact with the creosote, which can also lead to mental confusion or convulsions. Respiratory tract irritation, cornea damage and increased light sensitivity can be created due to the longer exposure to creosote. Scrotum cancer and skin cancer are results of longer exposure to creosote as well, according to some studies.

Causes of Creosote Exposure

Among the source of creosote are products used for treating psoriasis or eczema, as well as some other skin products. Creosote can also be located in herbal remedies and supplements for the manufacture of which creosote bush leaves have been used. Creosote is easily found in asphalt industries, coke production and wood treated with creosote used for railroad tracks, bridges and fences production. Since creosote is used for treating wood, wood houses probably have a possibility of providing a contact with creosote. Another way of exposure to creosote is through the consumption of contaminated water. The problem of these negative effects can be reduced in some ways. Use long pants and long sleeved shirts if you are working in a gas manufacturing or wood preservation facility. Also do this if you are just living nearby. Try not to use herbal remedies that contain creosote bush leaves and be careful when you are letting your children to play near the old barns, utility poles, and railroad tracks. You can avoid taking this chemical home from work if you are working in such environment, by taking a shower before going home.

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