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Abortion is one of the words that every woman says in a whisper. Stories about a friend's friend who had aborted are being told. As abortion is something that we always try to avoid, sometimes, it can be the only solution for our problem. There are a lot of women out there who have been sexually abused and due to that stayed pregnant and who are we to blame them for their choice to have an abortion? There are two ways to abort pregnancy, with surgical abortion and with abortion pills.

The subject of this article is abortion pill cost. A pill that is used to terminate unwanted pregnancy is also termed as medical abortion. It is best and most effective to do this type of abortion within nine weeks from the beginning of your pregnancy. All the necessary information regarding abortion pills can be obtained in every health center or at a clinic.

The cost of abortion pills

The abortion pill RU-486 is also known as Mifepristone. It is used as an abortifacient in the first two months of pregnancy and in smaller doses it is used as contraception in emergency. First Mifepristone is given and after a few days, Misoprostol is taken. The price of pill abortion is somewhere between $300 and $500, but it depends upon the state where it is done and clinic bill.

Abortion Pill Cost With Insurance

Not many insurance houses provide for abortion to be covered by insurance. There is only small exception that permits aborting if the pregnancy is caused by rape, or incest, or a pregnancy is endangering the life of the mother. People who don’t have any kind of insurance can experience difficulty in finding a clinic that will do this procedure at a minimal cost, or for free.

The time frame for abortion is from the beginning of pregnancy till the 12th week of it. If some woman wants to abort after the 12th week, the price is higher, and that price is rebalanced because of the risk that it carries along. Namely, this can jeopardize patient’s life and doctor’s responsibility is much higher. But, it is all physical pain, and it soon goes away and is forgotten. But, what about the state of mind and the feelings of a woman who had destroyed a life? This can have a lot of influence on a woman and result in depression. Abortion leaves a major scar on the soul and it is difficult to forget the whole experience. A lot of women carry that burden their whole life, which is why it is better to take precaution measures so that something like that doesn’t happen!

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