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What exactly is abortion pill and how does it work?

As its name suggests, women who want to end the pregnancyand induce abortion take this pill. Even though there were many controversiesabout this type of pills, the FDA officially approved about 20 years ago. Generally,these pills tend to cause the levels of progesterone to be blocked and afterthis, it is no longer possible to maintain pregnancy. Women cannot use this pillwithout primarily consulting their doctors, because besides the fact that it isnecessary to confirm that the pregnancy is below nine weeks, it will be necessaryto visit the doctor after some time in order to confirm that the abortion iscomplete. Sometimes it is better to take this pill while at a clinic, particularly if a woman experiences abnormal bleeding. The two most frequently suggestedpills of this kind are mifepristone and misoprostol. The latter is usuallygiven if the first one does not cause the abortion.

How effective is abortion pill and are there any sideeffects?

The fact is that this method should be effective as long asit is taken as the doctor explains and as long as it is taken within the firstnine weeks. However, it has proven not to be 100% efficient, since the resultsof some researches on this issue have shown that in approximately 5% of women,it did not cause the end of the pregnancy. Still, it is preferred to surgicalabortion because the surgery procedure will be avoided this way, it is cheaper andthere is no need for anesthesia. The risks of the woman’s life to be in dangerare very low.

As for the side effects, the women who decide to terminate theirpregnancy this way might experience nausea, headache and weakness. Bleeding isnormal and expected to a certain extent, but if it becomes heavy, it is necessaryto consult a doctor. The cramps and pain are also normal to a certain degree, butif any discomfort is felt afterwards, it is also necessary to consult a doctor.It is important to make sure that the abortion is complete, because if abortiontissues remain in the uterus, it might cause serious consequences andinfections.

Women who suffer from some heart issue, asthma, diabetes orproblems with bleeding should not use this way of terminating the pregnancy, aswell as women who have ectopic pregnancy.

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