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Once we start opting for cosmetic surgery, we have our fears and questions, since these procedures change us permanently. Also, before these changes are complete, we need to know everything about the recovery period and means of achieving the best possible results.

Life after Cosmetic Surgery

If we are to speak about pain and discomfort, we have to mention the first three days after the surgery. These are the worst when it comes to pain, since you are no longer protected by anesthesia as you have been during the very surgery. Each person has his/her own tolerance of pain and, therefore, the levels of pain depend on your own character. Luckily, painkillers are known to be quite helpful during this phase. You may need to stay in the clinic for a couple of days after which you will be able to move freely and will be sent home, continuing the recovery there.

Once this part passes, you will have to manage through stitches removal. This takes place from one to two weeks after the surgery. Even though many clinics do not charge this service, some of them do, so be prepared. Alternative, during the recovery period, you may need to visit the clinic for some special treatments regarding the wound, before the stitches can be removed. Regardless, up to 2 weeks of rest are necessary, especially if your line of work involves physical straining and effort.

The Rest of the Recovery Process

As it was mentioned above, you are not supposed to expose yourself to physical straining through lifting heavy objects or doing similar actions.

Additionally, you need to stay safe from infections like cold, since this might prolong your recovery and make it more complicated. The wound may remain swollen or even bruised for up to 6 months, in some cases even for a year. However, you may fully recover after just 3 months, depending on your body and metabolism as well as your immune system.

When 6 weeks pass from your surgery, you may start exercising and getting back in good physical shape. Start mildly and advance gradually. Also, be prepared for bruising, swelling or even pain.

Stay away from the sun and opt for saunas or tanning beds instead, even though you should not expose yourself to these as well. Once your stitches are removed, you will be prescribed a special cream to apply on the wound.

All in all, recovery period is a troublesome necessity, but it needs to be endured optimally. After all, once this is gone, you will realize that it has all been worth the trouble.

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