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The bacteria named Clostridiumbotulinum is the product of botulinum toxin A. This toxin is more known to the generalpublic under its retail name Botox. Botox is connected with botulism sinceBotox is created from the bacteria which produce botulism. The Botox has aneffect on our muscles. When it is injected in our muscles, they are paralyzedand cannot contract any more. This happens because of the Botox’s blockingeffects on the acetylcholine in the muscle's nerves. People with spasms are theones who need Botox. Such conditions include strabismus, blepharospasm andcervical dystonia. The most popular use of the Botox is in the cosmeticindustry. Botox is very successful in treating frown lines. This occurs becausethe muscles surrounding the lines are paralyzed. People older than 65 years arenot allowed to use Botox. Treatment doesn't need any kind of anesthesia. It isa very simple procedure, done only with a small needle. But the ability of theadministrator is important, since incompetent administration can causeproblems.

Today, in the corporative world, theappearance is very important. Because of this, Botox has grown popular since itis cheap, and provides good cosmetic results. In the first year of its use inAmerica, after the approval in the 2002, the number of people who under wentthis cosmetic procedure raised nearly to three millions. As we have stated, thecosmetic industry is very lucrative. Great deal of people is ready to performsome operations to help their appearance. Many unskilled and uneducated so-calleddoctors are exploiting this. Performing cosmetic surgeries does not have anysignificant risks, except the unskilled specialist. If you are considering acosmetic surgery, ask around about the doctor before you decide to trust hiscompetence. Risks of complications from the Botox are extremely rare, butpossible. They occur because of the hypersensitivity of the injection. Patientsshould also be careful with the Botox used. Botox costs around 400 dollars, butsome doctors may reduce their pricing. Be careful when you see cheap Botoxinjections, since their quality may be impaired. Be extremely careful whenchoosing the doctor for this procedure. Avoid advertising and doctors whostate they will do the same for half the cost. This is usually far from true.Some side effects are possible even if the Botox used is of high quality, and evenif it is administered by a trained professional. Those include temporary nauseaand eyelid drop, headache, flu syndrome and respiratory infections. Remember tochoose a licensed and well-known specialist who uses only the best qualityBotox.

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