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Cause of malaria

One of the most frequent tropical diseases is the malaria, and it is transferred to people by a mosquito bite. Only one bite is enough so that you become infected by malaria parasites. The period of appearing of the first symptoms is eight days, but in come cases a year can pass by without any symptoms, and you might still be infected by malaria. It is because the malaria parasites are inactive in your body. Falciparum parasite is a type of malaria that is the most dangerous and leads to death.

Symptoms and malaria casualties

One of the most common malaria symptoms is fever. One has to be well informed about symptoms if they are planning a trip to tropical areas. As we mentioned above, months may pass without any symptoms, and then symptoms may appear after that. It is important to visit a doctor if any symptom appears. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one million people from all over the world die from malaria and 243 millions are infected every year. African countries that are near the equator and bellow Sahara desert are at the top of the list of malaria casualties. Based on WHO estimation, every 30 seconds, a baby dies due to malaria.

Complications of malaria

Anemia is a possible complication of malaria, where red blood cells can’t carry oxygen, resulting in a weal and faint feeling. Cerebral malaria is closely connected with anemia where red blood cells that are infected can block the small blood vessels and cause shortage of oxygen in a brain. The outcome of cerebral malaria is brain swelling and, in some cases permanent brain damage or even a coma.

Other complications that can appear in the case of severe malaria include problems with breathing that mainly occur because of fluid in the lungs. Liver failure may also appear and jaundice, a condition which gives your skin yellow color. Dehydration, spleen swelling and rupturing, kidney failure and low blood sugar can also indicate malaria infection.

Since the first symptoms of malaria appear in an hour or in a several days, you should seek medical help if you think that something is wrong, because any further delaying can lead to more damage to your body. In the group of people who show stronger symptoms are pregnant women, babies, young children and people at older age. They must take extra attention if they travel to malaria-infected areas.

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