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This is a condition that mostly affects the children and it is associated with the swelling located around the neck and the cheeks. This viral illness was producing great amount of problems in the past, but today there are vaccines that prevent this problem from happening. Still, unfortunately, this problem remains in the countries of the third world. The main problem associated with this problem is the parotid glands or salivary enlargement.

Risks and Causes of Mumps

The problem we are talking about is mostly created by the paramyxovirus, which can get transferred by the saliva droplets, or if a person comes in direct contact with the saliva that is infected. The problem is also connected with the salivary glands located between the jaw and the ear. This problem can be seen among any age children but it is most common among those between 2 and 12 years of age. When a child suffers from mumps in more advanced age, the problem can also include other organs such as breast, prostate, pancreas and nervous system. It usually takes 12-24 days for theincubation.

There are steps which can be taken in order to eliminate the possibility of this problem ever happening. The most effective is a vaccine called MMR immunization. This vaccine also brings protection against rubella and measles and is given to children who are 15 months old. It will need to be administered again when the child is between 4-6 years of age and between 11-12 years. If vaccination is not repeated, the protection will disappear.


Now we will focus on the most common symptoms this problem produces. They are fever, sore throat, parotid glands swelling, face pain, headache and temple swelling. These are the most common for both, males and females, but there are some specific associated only with males. They are scrotal swelling, enlargement of the testicles and the pain in the testicular region. In order to properly diagnose the problem, doctor will physically examine the glands and see if they are enlarged.


While specific treatment is not needed, ways of removing this problem include oral pain relief, acetaminophen and putting heat and ice on the affected neck area. Gargling salt water, extra fluids and soft food can also be beneficial. The mumps can be treated, although sterility can occur. When the problem is eliminated, it will never return again since the body produces immunity. Complications include sterility, infection and meningitis. Mumps can affect almost anybody who hasn’t had the problem earlier. It was common among infants to young adults, but the vaccination reduced this problem significantly. They are extremely rare today and if they do occur, the problem produced is very mild and insignificant.

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