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Mononucleosis is a disease caused by a virus that getstransmitted through saliva. Some call it the kissing disease because it can betransmitted through kissing but it can also be transmitted by exposure tosneezing or coughing. Sharing glasses and food utensil with a person who hasmononucleosis must be avoided as well. Mononucleosis is always most likely toappear in young adults and adolescents. If it occurs in children quiet oftenit gets unrecognized. A person who suffers from mononucleosis must rest as muchas possible and indigest a lot of fluids because the spleen may become enlarged.


An enlarged spleen is one of the most common complicationsof mononucleosis. In the most extreme cases the spleen may rupture which isrecognized by a sharp pain in the upper left part of the abdomen and if thathappens one must seek immediate medical attention because ruptured spleen mayrequire a surgery. Mononucleosis may also cause certain liver complications.The most common of them is hepatitis, in which the patient experiences a mildinflammation of the liver. Jaundice is a little less common than hepatitis, butit still may occur in some cases. Jaundice causes yellowing of the skin and thewhites of the eyes.

There are certain lesser common complications of mononucleosis,but they still can occur in some cases. Anemia can occur in some cases and thatmeans that a person will suffer a decrease in hemoglobin and red blood cells.Thrombocytopenia is a condition in which a person has a significantly lowercount of platelets which in charge of blood clotting. Mononucleosis can alsocause the heart to become inflamed in certain rare cases. Another complicationmay include swelling of the tonsils which may result in breathing difficulties.Other complications of mononucleosis includes encephalitis, meningitis,Guillain-Barre syndrome and various other problems concerning the nervoussystem. Epstein-Barr virus is present in people who suffer from mononucleosisand it can potentially cause certain other more severe illnesses.

Home Remedies

There are certain home remedies that can be used in thetreatment and relieving the symptoms of mononucleosis. The most important thingthat should be stressed out is that a person needs to rest in bed as much aspossible. Ingesting plenty of fluids such as fruit juices and water is very beneficialin relieving sore throat and fever and preventing dehydration. Over thecounterpain relievers can be used to relieve fever and pain. Sore throat can berelieved by gargling with salt water. Return to normal physical activitiesshould be gradual, because otherwise it may lead to a spleen rupture.

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