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Introduction and General Data

Infestation of pinworms is rather common. These parasites can affect all the ages but are most present in children. Children between the age of five and ten are the most common victims of this parasite. The itchiness in the anal area is the most obvious symptom of the disease. The patients complain about the increased itchiness during the night. This can be explained by the fact that the female parasites tend to come out of the intestines during the night to lay eggs in the anal area. The majority of patients are treated with certain medications. In some patients, some complications may occur.

Complications of Pinworms

There are certain complications that may result as a consequence of primary infection. Pelvic Inflammatory DiseaseWomen who have parasites in the intestines may end up with the pelvic inflammatory disease. Pelvic inflammatory disease is actually inflammation of the uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries which leads to consequent scaring and adhesions to the surrounding tissues or organs. The parasite may enter the vagina and from there reach other female genital organs and this is the way the process of inflammation is initiated. Pelvic inflammatory disease features with the pain in the pelvis, increased body temperature and excessive vaginal discharge.Infections of Urinary TractThe worms may also migrate towards the urethra and enter the bladder leading to cystitis. The inflammation of the bladder occurs more in women as their urethra is shorter and the parasite can easily reach the bladder.Recurrence of the DiseaseAll those patients who do not pay attention to proper hygiene can get re-infected. Namely, the patients usually scratch the anal area and the eggs of the parasite may end under the finger nails. If one does not wash hands properly and take good care of the hygiene after using a toilet he/ she may ingest the eggs and new parasites will grow from the ingested eggs. Weight LossThe pinworms use the food that is present in gastrointestinal track. They actually steal the food from their hosts. This means that a patient may lose weight progressively and that he/ she may not even absorb proper amount of certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The loss of appetite is sometimes the cause of the weight loss.

So all those people who are suffering from rapid loss of weight and fight the itchiness of the anal area may assume that they have ingested pinworms and it is advisable for all of them to visit their doctor. The doctor will successfully establish the proper diagnosis and start the appropriate treatment.

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