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As far as complications having a facelift, then you can stop worrying, they are rare and far and few between. The complications, if any, arise with the anesthesia. Which is why you need to speak to your doctor to fully understand your options with anesthesia.

As long as you make sure you go through the procedure with professionals that are recommended then the complication risk will drop. However here are some possible complications.One of the more common complications is bleeding which will inevitably lead to some bruising around the facelift, however this wont effect the end results but just will take a little longer to heal. The bleeding happens during the procedure and is quite minimal in fact and it happens when the blood forms a hematoma under the skin. Some surgeons will put a big plastic tube on the face to stop this from occurring and some surgeons do not, so it’s best to check with yours prior to the procedure.Infections are a cause for serious concern by all even as rare as they are. As long as the surgical equipment is sterile and prophylactic antibiotics are used coupled with a good blood supply to the face then an infection will stay in the rare category. Signs of an infection will be redness that is ever increasing, swelling to the face and pain.A lot of women who are consider having a facelift worry about the scaring afterwards. The procedure is now done with such precision and the scars are extremely hidden in places such as behind the ears and on the hair line they are certainly not a concern. Any abnormal scaring is more often than it is found in dark skinned people however it is rare on their face. Scars can be rectified with some simple easy touch.Hair loss is almost certainly on the bottom end of risks spoken about and even known about. It is usually caused because of scaring, this is why it can sometimes be difficult for the patients to wear their hair up off the face after having a facelift procedure. The best advice is to speak to the surgeon about options and preservation of your hair line.Your face contains a numerous amount of nerves which has the potential to become damaged causing the earlobe to be temporally numbed.When you sit down with your cosmetic surgeon you much talk to them about your realistic goals, the procedure and complications that can occur.

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