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Centrum silver ingredients

Lots of people use multivitamin supplements. Centrum silver is one of them. However, it is known to provoke allergic reactions in some people because of its ingredients. People over 50 years of age, primarily use it, because Centrum silver is known as an age-adjusted multivitamin. Because of this and the fact that it provides nutrients that people need in different age stages, it is very popular on the market.

Centrum Silver ingredients

Centrum silver has a lot of ingredients and vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are on the top of that list. Because of these three ingredients in particular, Centrum silver is known to provide a good heart health, bone health and eye health as well. In just one Centrum silver multivitamin tablet there are calories, carbohydrates, sugars, Vitamins A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. Folic acid, Biotin, Pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium and iodine can be found as well. Beside all of these, copper, zinc, selenium, chromium, tin and nickel can be found as well.

Because the list of minerals and vitamins is quite long, there is a strong chance that a person may be allergic to one of them. Even though Centrum silver is thought to be one of the best multivitamins, some people will still experience some side effects.

Centrum silver side effects

Side effects caused by a reaction to this multivitamin are the same as those to some diseases. First of all, allergic reactions in the form of a rash or hives may appear. Problems with breathing and puffiness of the lips, face, tongue or throat, although rare, may occur as well.Other side effects include stomachache, headache, burning sensations in the skin and bad taste in the mouth. Like, with many side effects, those which are not severe can be treated with some medications and at home. However, if the symptoms prove to be severe, a person should visit a doctor.Benefits of Centrum Centrum silver pills will help the body to make energy out of food more efficiently. It will also empower the bones and keep them healthy. Because of some ingredients, cell damage will be reduced and, bone and connective tissue will grow. A person's heart will continue being healthy. Of course, those over the age of 50 can take this supplement as long as they want.

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