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Almost every person experienced the irritating pain which cramps provide at least once during his or her life. A lot of people believe that feet cramps are most annoying. In cases when the recurrence of these cramps increases, a person is considered to be suffering from chronic cramps. In many cases, people experience cramps during sleep which can be quite disturbing. A lot of people cannot bear the pain. In some cases, even moving the foot or adjusting it does not bring relief. However, people should know that the attack does not last for a long period of time and it usually goes away in a couple of minutes. In case of chronic cramps, a person usually experiences this sort of pain every couple of days or nights. There are lots of factors which contribute to muscle cramps and people should get to know them in order to be able to avoid them.

Chronic foot cramps: causes

People know that the contraction of the muscles which is not voluntary and does not relax quickly is muscle cramp. In most cases, pain comes along with the contraction as well. A lot of people are aware that certain actions like walking for instance are a synchronized contraction and relaxation of muscles. Muscle spasms occur when this balance is disturbed and spasm in severity ends up with foot cramp. Foot and toe cramp are a very common problem among the older people. An interesting thing is that a majority of cramps occur during the night. There are a lot of causes of foot cramps.

One of the most common causes is the fatigue and tiredness in the feet. This occurs when a person overuses the feet in some physical activity.Poor blood circulation can also lead to foot cramp. A person who does not consume enough water during the day also risks suffering from foot cramp. Proper hydration is important. Lack of certain vitamins and minerals also leads to foot cramps. Potassium, iodine and vitamin D are important in order for a person to avoid chronic foot cramps. Apart from these causes, a person with flat feet can also suffer from chronic foot cramps. Consumption of certain medications may also end up in foot cramps.


Even though cramps last for a short period of time and go away on their own, they still cause pain and discomfort, especially if they occur often. Simple changes in the diet will prevent cramps from occurring. People should intake all the important vitamins and minerals and consume adequate amounts of water every day. Avoiding alcohol and cigarettes helps as well. Massaging the foot will improve the circulation and that will prevent the cramps from occurring often.

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