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A Brief Introduction

Peoplemay experience stress in the most diverse life situations. Inthose situations, the stress may be brought about by both externaland internal factors.

Since suffering excess amounts of stress may be quite the bit of aproblem, there is no point in covering it up and pretending like itdoesn't exist.

Thereare many stress management techniques available out there, and even anumber of them is targeting people who have to suffer theinconvenience on a daily basis. One such method would involve usingstress balls. There is a rich variety of Chinese stress ballsavailable on the market, as they have proven more than effective inmild and daily stress management. To make sure that nobody gets leftout, some balls are designed for people with larger, while others aretargeting people with smaller palms. Alternatively, completely uniqueballs may be designed according the the particular customer's preference.

So what else can theseballs be used for?

TheChinese have been using these balls for centuries now, and theirrange of use is surely broader than simple stress management. Namely,they have also been used for curing certain diseases such as arthritis, blood circulation issues, rheumatism and the like.

Ananti-stress ball is, in appearance, very similar to a golf ball. Alsosimilarly to the golf ball, it is very light (since it, too, ishollow). The balls are sold in pairs (one for each hand), and theyappear to be made out of some sort of colored metal.

Oneof the ways in which they are used to cure excess stress would be thesoothing sound they produce when they are in use. The relaxing soundmay be heard when the balls are clanged together.

And how would they beused?

Aball is to be placed in either hand, and then each palm shouldclutch tight its own, as hard as possible.

Alternatively,the balls may be held together, in which case they are to be rotatedeither clockwise or counterclockwise to provide the stressed out person witha soothing effect. It is during this action that the soothing soundwill also become apparent. The person is to make sure that the soundproduced is pleasant and that it provides a certain melodic sound aswell.

Aftera couple of minutes of this, the person is bound to start feelingboth lighter and happier. This is also why Chinese stress balls areused as meditation tools as well.

Another benefit would be the fact that the use of these balls is also knownto stimulate certain acupuncture points on the person's palms, andthus provide additional soothing as well as the healing of certainorgans.

Anotherup side would be that the use of anti-stress balls provides theperson with no side-effects to its effects, which cannot be said forthe types of medication which are used to achieve the same effects.

Lastly,it is noteworthy that they are also used in curing high bloodpressure.

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