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Chinese Classical Philosophy and SANLIDA

The fundamentals of Chinese classical philosophy are said to rest upon its four pillars, or consist of four dimensions, if you please:

  • the way of heaven

  • the way of earth

  • the human way

  • the change of seasons.

Bluntly put, Chinese philosophy takes into account the governing principles of changes in the universe.

And conclusively, it means that the Chinese mode of thinking, according to their classical philosophy, is by means of "synthetic analysis". Even the scientific proposition of "interactions between man and nature" was built upon the fundamentals of this philosophy.

They also mean to believe that medical treatment is not for the ill but but for the ones who have not fallen ill, which means that an attempt at curing a disease shouldn't occur when the disease has already infected a person. So accordingly, avoiding – rather than curing – illness is the principle.

So with this said, it is easy to see why SANLIDA is considered a "sexual health preserver and a natural male enhancement."

And accordingly, SANLIDA is a diet for all adult men, rather than the ones who have fallen victim to libido issues. The Diet is to be consumed thus-wise:

  • a pill a day, for the preservation of sexual health, and

  • two pills a day, for therapeutic purposes.

It is further explained that it is suitable for:

  • all males who wish to maintain/improve their sexuality

  • to all men who are prone to catching colds or feel exhausted or anxious – all of which are symptoms of a lowered immunity

  • males who suffer from impotency, and finally

  • males with hypertension, cerebral embolism or those who fell victims of apoplexy.

It is further claimed that SANLIDA not only

  • strengthens the male's physical force, but also:

  • repairs (that is to say regenerates) the brain cells and, accordingly, improves memory

  • enhances the immunity

  • invigorates the brain

  • enhances male sexuality

  • retards the aging process, and, last but not least

  • prolongs life.

All of the above mentioned are said to have long-lasting effects, that is to say, after intake, the body remains in such a sharpened state for the next 72 hours.

It is further noted that SANLIDA does not work as a sexual stimulant. The person taking it will not feel the urge to engage in sexual intercourse – as per command –, but would rather feel stronger while doing so on a regular basis.

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