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Introduction to chills without fever

People who are feeling chills without having a fever can have many different causes that lead to this.

A chill is simply an unusual and unexpected sensation of feeling cold. Sometimes even getting under a blanket and putting on a sweater will not stop the chills. Many people also experience a chattering of the teeth when they have the chills. People who are experiencing chills often shiver and this is one of the main symptoms of having a fever, which is usually the result of some type of viral or bacterial infection.

However, there are chills that do not result from fevers. In these cases, the chills are caused by something else, because the body temperature remains normal, not high like during a fever spell. CausesOne common and logical cause for chills without fever is exposure to cold weather. When a person is in a cold environment then the body will begin shivering because of the low temperature. This is because there is a great difference between the temperature of the surroundings and the temperature of the body, which will lead to chills.

Some prescription drugs can have side effects that include chills without having a fever. This usually occurs when a person takes an incorrect dosage of a medicine. Even if the dosage is correct, there are certain medications that will lead to side effects in certain people, and one of these side effects is giving a person chills when they do not have a fever.

Problems with the thyroid gland can also lead to getting chills without a fever. The thyroid gland is very important because it produces hormones in the body that control the metabolic rate and are important to a person’s general health.

Sometimes when the thyroid gland is not working the way that it should, all the needed hormones are not being produced and a person will experience fatigue and will feel tired for no reason. When this occurs, another common symptom is experiencing chills without having a fever.

When the gland is not producing the needed amount of hormones people will often feel a sudden chill rush down their spines.

Insect bites can also lead to these kinds of chills, especially, when it is a spider that has bitten the person. There are dangerous spiders such as black widows that can be very dangerous for people. The venom from the bite can trigger allergic reactions that affect the entire body and many people will become ill from he venom, begin vomiting and shaking with the chills even though there is no fever present. When someone is bitten by an extremely venomous spider they need to seek medical help immediately because it could be fatal if left untreated.

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