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Headache and Fever

If a child suffers from headache and fever, it is usually a sign of a respiratory infection, but the fact is that these symptoms can be present at the beginning of various illnesses, too. When you feel pain around your ears and eyes, you are actually experiencing a headache, which can easily be followed by increased body temperature. When something like this happens, a person must lie and stop doing whatever he or she is normally doing during the day. These symptoms disable a person to function as usual and are very exhausting.

Causes of Child Headache and Fever

Reasons for headache and fever in children can be different and the most usual are: cold, meningitis, dengue fever, allergic reaction, and flu.

Common cold is caused by a virus and its symptoms include fever and headache. In this case, fever usually lasts for about two days. Cold is also easy to recognize by slightly increased body temperature and sneezing, but this condition is usually easy to handle and the body will fight against the virus successfully, so the signs will disappear in about a week or so. You can consult a doctor, but this condition usually doesn’t need to be treated.Meningitis is a swelling of a protective tissue that is located around the brain and spinal cord and this is a very serious illness that must be treated as soon as possible. Studies showed that children between the age 2 and 3 are more vulnerable to meningitis. Child who suffers from meningitis can have fever, headaches, feel sleepy and be passive and feel pain in the neckDengue fever is caused by a specific virus called the dengue virus, which appears more frequently in those who live in tropical climates. This virus is transmitted by mosquitoes, so when a person gets bitten by an infected mosquito, he or she will develop dengue fever. Signs include very high fever, headaches and pain in joints and back.Allergic reaction to medicines can be followed by increased body temperature and headache. These symptoms will disappear after a few days, but if the symptoms are present and the child experiences problems with breathing, you should react fast and see a doctor right away.Headache and high body temperature in kids can be caused by influenza viruses, called flu and in these cases, the child can experience pain in the throat and difficulties in breathing. Pneumonia can also cause these signs.

You should consult a doctor, whatever the reason for symptoms is, and follow the instructions that the doctor gives you. In each case, the child needs to rest when experiencing symptoms like this.

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