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Uncontrollable shaking of the hands or legs might be really upsetting sometimes. It can be associated with anything you drank but sometimes it can indicate a neurological disorder that has taken place.

The first symptoms include uncontrollable and unstoppable shaking of the hands, legs or the head that usually last for a couple of seconds. There might be several different reasons for the uncontrollable shaking, including: the cold, fever, nervousness, too much coffee, low level of glucose in the blood and used medications, but it could also point to thyroid problems, essential tremor or Parkinson’s disease.

Common Shaking Causes

Young people shouldn’t worry about the Parkinson’s disease as the cause of their shaking. In most cases, their hands or legs shake because of the nervousness or the excess intake of caffeine. Everyone can get nervous at some important meetings or events. People might experience some anxiety, panic attacks and also some uncontrollable shaking when feeling nervous. There is no reason to worry, because once the cause of nervousness passes, there goes anxiety and shaking as well.

Drinking too much caffeine, from coffee or some energy drinks may also cause shaking. Caffeine stimulates your brain and interferes with its functioning, causing your body to react with the involuntary shaking.

Low blood sugar, after a long day without sufficient amount of carbohydrates can also be the cause of muscle weakness and trembling hands.

Cold and fever can also be some of the reasons for uncontrollable shaking of the hands and legs. When it’s really cold outside, you might experience “cold chills” or shivering of the body, as the normal reaction to the cold weather.

More Serious Causes of Uncontrollable Shaking

Use of certain medication can also have shaking as the consequence. Anti-depressive medications, drugs used to reduce stress and Albuterol could cause shaking of the hands and feet. Albuterol, used to treat asthma, is also known to cause seizures in some of the patients.

Overactive thyroid gland can produce more thyroid hormones and thus cause involuntary contraction of the hand and feet muscles and lead to the shaking of these body parts. Because of that, anything that affects the thyroid gland, whether medications or diseases, could cause uncontrollable shaking.

Essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease are the most serious causes of uncontrollable shaking of the hands and legs. Essential tremor is a disorder caused by damaged nerves. It can be inherited and could affect any part of the body.

Parkinson’s disease is caused by the deterioration of the specific part of the brain, related to muscle movement. Nerve cells in this area of the brain start to lose their function and patients eventually lose the coordination and the ability to voluntarily move some of their muscles. This condition can be eased and treated with some medications and physical therapy.

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