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The disorder in the question is characterized by the process of frequent crossing of gastro-contents from the stomach all the way back into the esophagus. Symptoms of this condition are often followed by heartburn, intensified coughing, or difficulty in swallowing of just about any form of food. Other common culprits are relaxation of the muscle that connect esophagus with the stomach, obesity, or even pregnancy. If we want to make an even more in depth analysis of this condition, we will ultimately discover that, at the bottom of gastro-esophageal reflux, actually lies an infection of the inner esophageal membrane which covers it. This inflammation is further rooted in the recurrence of series of above described reflux.


The most commonly occurring symptoms are extremely unpleasant and rather painful sensation of burning in the chest and abdomen regions. Certain people who suffer from it may also experience mild breathing problems and thus come down with hoarseness. The following symptom is rather embarrassing and that is frequent belching. Having in mind the last in our symptom list, we can also pinpoint the precise time of occurrence of this condition, i.e. that it most often occurs soon after having eaten a rather large meal, which was also rich in fat and followed up by a glass of some alcoholic beverage. It also attacks when a person is lying down, bending over or lifting heavy objects.

As far as health is concerned, esophagitis is not the condition you would want suffer from. If a person is confronted with the acid reflux for a substantially long period of time, then the direct outcome of this is exactly esophagitis. What this condition does to us is that it causes the narrowing in our esophagus, thus making it extremely difficult to swallow – in some cases swallowing is not possible at all. This particular form of reflux is triggered by various ailments, infections and conditions, though more in indirect than in a direct way. Those include hiatus hernia, obesity, pregnancy, food we eat and the size of our meals, cigarettes, constipation and particularly lying in a specific positions.


The best way to avoid this serious condition is to make some changes in your daily habits. In case you suffer from obesity, it is high time you got rid of those excessive kilograms. Say no to snacks prior to going to bed, as well as to large and “fatty” meals. Coffee and alcohol intake must be reduced significantly as well. And last, but not the least, put smoking aside at all cost. If you find this too radical for the beginning of the treatment, then you may first feel much safer if you start with medication based treatment. Most commonly employed drugs for this purpose are acid inhibitors, and in more severe cases, surgical procedure is a way out.

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