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Sore nipples are pretty common to new breastfeeding mothers and it is think that they're a normal part of nursing, but it is not so. What is the normal is pain or tenderness that lasts for a few seconds after baby first grabs the breast. What's not normal or necessary is pain that lasts during the feeding. There are women who have stopped nursing babies long before they intended due to a sore nipples.

If the baby is not in a right position due to breast feed, and there is a clog inside of breast, or if baby is not fleecing a.k.a suckling the way it should, mother’s nipples may become sore. Babies need to suck nipples and get enough milk. Bad latching can also makes problems with incorrect suckling. And really bad sore nipples may be caused by desperate try of a baby to pull milk out of mother’s breasts, which is very painful for mother if it is incorrectly done. Nurses may help with this problem.

Candida albicans is a fungal infection that may make nipples sore and it may continue even after baby stops sucking. But burning pain in nipples is most likely caused by fungal infections.

Breast milk is very important source of nutricients needed in later period of baby life and prevents allergies on food in later period of life, build shield against infections, build the healthy grow of teeth and help development of brain. But two or three weeks after childbirth, nursing mothers may develop breast engorgement, which effect greatly on elasticity of skin. Blood and fluid retention due to a milk increase to breast can make engorgement.

Sore Nipples Treatment

Sore nipples may be treated with a nice, little, cool compress just before breast feed. Baby may change sides every now and then, to ease sore nipples and avoid too much pressure. There are preventives that may help:

1) - Vitamin E Vitamin E may be effective for cracked nipples. Application of Vitamin E topical proves good. After the breast feed it is useful to take capsules of Vitamin E and rub it onto a breasts, but just in very minimal amounts.

2) - Mothers Milk Apply Put some milk from one breast to the other and then switch, rub it to ease sore nipples. Cracked nipples heal better with applying some milk on it.

3) - Calendula ointment Cracked nipples are treated with applied Calendula ointment on the crack, cut or injury. The ointment is good to apply after breastfeeding and remove it just before next nursing.

4) - Olive oil, Sweet almond oil, Lanolin or Comfrey ointmentAll these are to prevent cracking nipples. It is to be used just before baby nursing, before delivering a baby. No washing with soap or anything other then these is recommended.

5) - Hand Control of Leakage Mother may leak milk with hand on her own, every time she remembers, by simple pressing hand against nipples. If towels or pads are used it is recommended to use cotton pad or handkerchiefs.

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