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As soon as you are even just the one day late, panic starts in the pit of your stomach. Women cannot help the alarm they feel and as each day passes with no period in sight the first and only remaining thought in their head is, I’m pregnant. However that’s not always the case as there a quite a few reasons as to why a period will be delayed or even completely missed.Reasons for Missing a Period

A huge factor in the today’s society of women is stress. The amount of responsibilities people take on, not just women. Working, cooking, cleaning, bills and everything else on top of that builds up stress in your bodies. Stress can and will produce problems in your body and what can happen is your body will lessen the quantity of a hormone called GnRH. This issue will stop the woman from ovulating thus stopping the periods for one month or many. It is best to see your doctor and go through a plan of action how to destress your life. Another temporary reason for missing or having a delayed period can be due to an illness of some kind, which will have a short term consequence on your periods. Some women who have altered their life schedule rapidly may notice their period timing is off. For example if you usually work days and then you switch to working nights this can impact your periods. Medications of all forms are very popular especially in the western world, however more often than not we don’t really know what’s in the medication that we are taking. Sometimes if you have changed your medication for whatever reasons, it can shock your periods to become delayed or missed. Your doctor should be able to diagnose this rather quickly and be able to pin point the reason for the missed period if its due to the change of the medication.

Weight Impacts on Periods

Your hormones will change and move about if you are overweight which will inevitably stop your periods all together, this can be rectified by losing a few pounds but see the doctor first. The same is said for the opposite, if you are underweight and is medically known as amenorrhea. Menopause impacts

Most of you have heard of the menopause and you all know that your periods will stop at this point in your life. There is also a phase called the peri-menopause which is the time just before the actual menopause where your periods will be going lighter, heavier, delayed and basically causing all sorts of havoc.

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