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Leg pain can be caused by a traumatic injury or it may betriggered by numerous conditions that affect the skin, tendons, joints,ligaments, muscles, bones, blood vessels, and nerves. Leg pain sometimes can becaused by inflammatory conditions and it can also be associated with backailments.


The most obvious causes of leg pain usually have somethingto do with traumas such as twisting and falls which can cause significantdamage to the bones, joints and muscles. Sometimes overuse injuries can also bethe cause of pain. Bone fractures cause the integrity of the bone to becomecompromised and severe pain is usually present.

Tibial stress syndrome causedby jumping, running or dancing can also be one of the common causes of legpain. Ligament sprains and muscle or tendon strains can also be the caused ofleg pain, usually characterized by inflammation and swelling. The pain can alsobe associated with bleeding which sometimes occurs as a cause of an injury.Sometimes the compartment syndrome occurs when excessive swelling increases thepressure.

Non-traumatic leg pain causes are way too numerous and it isimpossible to classify them all here. Pain in only one leg characterizes alocal problem. One of the most common cases is the peripheral artery disease inwhich a person suffers a decreased arterial blood supply to the particular leg.The disease can affect both legs.

Blood clots can sometimes obstruct thearteries completely and cause severe pain. Blood clotting can be caused bynumerous illnesses. Sometimes a low back pain can radiate down to the legs. Peripheralneuropathies which involve nerve inflammation can also be the cause of legpain. Numerous chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes or alcoholism can alsosometimes lead to nerve pain in both legs. Skin inflammation can cause legpain, as well. Joint pain may also spread to the entire leg and it may beaffiliated with rheumatic conditions.

Gout and numerous systematic illnessescan also be the cause of joint inflammations. Muscle pain can be caused byoveruse and it sometimes can be associated with certain types of infections. Musclecramps can also cause severe pain and quite often they can be accompanied bymuscle spasms. Muscle injuries can also be among the common causes of leg pain.Hamstring injuries are also worth mentioning when it comes to leg pain. Othercauses of leg pain may include skin abnormalities and diabetes.

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