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Even though many people suffering from epilepsy have managed to maintain their successful job careers, this condition may place a couple of obstacles on your way. However, with a few lifestyle modifications and a bit of an extra effort, every epileptic can keep a good job. The following lines are dedicated to providing advice to people with epilepsy.

Possible Complications Epilepsy may Trigger at Work

More people with epilepsy are unemployed than employed. This is so for many possible reasons. Namely, epileptics lack the necessary training skills or have no experience necessary for the job. Also, they might lose a job due to their lack of transportation. However, these two factors are common for all people, not just individuals with epilepsy. Yet, some employers may not take kindly the fact that the person applying for the job is epileptic. Also, once a person with this health problem gets the job, his/her co-workers are prone to have a negative attitude towards him/her too.

Details behind the Problem

Basically, people with epilepsy, due to their therapies and seizures, may have problems obtaining the necessary education, making it hard for them to find a job and meet the requirements. This prevents people with epilepsy from managing to gain enough experience in order to advance in their careers.

As far as the lack of transportation is concerned, people with epilepsy are not allowed to drive a car. Bearing in mind that many different jobs require you to be mobile at all times, possessing your own car in order to get to work every day, this factor jeopardizes people with epilepsy quite seriously. They can either find a carpool, which is a very difficult task, or ask a family member to drive them to and from work. Of course, if they can use public transportation, this can help them overcome the problem.

Employers, on the other hand, may not want to have a worker who is at risk of having seizures at work, jeopardizing the companies liability. Also, they might question the competence of a person suffering from epilepsy, thinking that he/she has problems related to cognitive functions or thinking in general. Finally, the seizures may act as a negative display for customers, potentially scaring them away, and this might be a cause of concern for many employers and co-workers.

What Can You Do?

You are best to try and overcome these obstacles. First of all, know your strengths and weaknesses and find a job which meets your capabilities and qualifications. Secondly, find transportation which can be available to you daily. Thirdly, once you manage to get employed in a company, educate your co-workers and superiors about epilepsy. Give them a brochure or explain verbally how to deal with epileptic seizures. Finally, you have a legal right to get a job, regardless of your condition. Thus, if all else fails, seek this right of yours by seeing a lawyer.

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