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No parent likes it when their children are sick, but teething, ear infections, and fevers are bound to happen. If you are up all night caring for a child, or even multiple children who have a fever, cry, want water, and just won't sleep, you will feel like you are running on an empty fuel tank the next day. How do you cope? And what if you are also sick yourself when this happens?

I know what you are going through! As I am typing, my two children are recovering from a nasty stomach bug that has caused them and of course me two sleepless nights. Most of the time, these illnesses are really no big deal. But they can make your child feel really horrible, and of course you want to be there for them to help them feel better in any way. Even if your children are already passed the baby stage, like mine who are five and two, sickness can make you feel like you've made a return to those sleepless nights while they were newborns. If you have to go to work the next day, there is not all that much else you can do but simply deal with it. Some additional cups of coffee or energy drinks will get you through the day.

If you are taking time off work when your baby is sick, or if you also caught the virus your children have, all the team at SteadyHealth has to offer you are some big hugs. You'll soon get better, and those poor sick little faces will soon have a smile on them again! In the meantime, here are some tips for dealing with fevers:

If you have reached the daily limit of Tylenol, or your kid is one of those who does not react to fever-reducers, soaking socks in vinegar and putting them on your child wet helps bring their temperature down. A cool cloth on their forehead also makes them feel more comfortable. Don't forget that children who have diarrhea and/or are vomiting are at risk of dehydration. Make sure your child gets plenty of water, throughout the day and night. They will probably not have much of an appetite, but soups can offer nourishment and hydration. Why not set your child up with a nice cup of tea and a blanket on the couch? Reading books together, or watching a good film are great fever activities. They'll remember this time as a kind of sick slumber party!

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