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The art of reversing the aging process that occurs naturally to everyone’s skin is becoming more and more popular and researched.

Facts about Your Skin

Younger skin has the ability to heal itself when a bump, bruise, cut or lump appears however, as the skin ages this healing process will reduce its speed. As the skin gets older it will inevitably get thinner and start to lose its collagen as well as get dryer. Smoking gives the same results as aging, in fact, smoking will give a person’s skin the same result as fifteen years of aging. In this day and age there are things that can be done about reducing and even stopping the signs of aging.

Products for Anti Aging

You can walk into just about any shop and find skin care products and now it seems the anti aging products are taking over literally. The shops, the adverts, the magazines all have different options all holding the promise of younger looking skin. The unfortunate fact is that the FDA as well as plentiful of other government agencies say that the majority of these so called wonder products don't even work or have very small effect at the very best. You can see that there are many products that are really very expensive. You can see that they are very popular on the television adverts but in fact there are not many dermatologists that use them on their clients. Out of all the different brands out on the market for anti aging there truly is only one method that will work and give you the results you want.

The Treatment that Works

This treatment will reduce the aging of your skin as well as make it suppler, and on top of that it will increase the production of your collagen and this is totally in spite of your age. The TCA peel will knock ten years off you, it is known in full as the Trichloroacetic acid peel. The actual peel that is used, is made stronger or weaker depending on your needs and type of skin. There are certain additives such as the Obagi Blue peel which just simply makes it easier to apply because of their color died indicator. The doctors, however, prefer the normal TCA because they believe the results last longer. Following this treatment the client will notice their skin darken and after which it will begin to peel.

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