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More Valuable than Money?

Most times we start thinking about goldwe immediately start speculating its worth, in terms of money, ourmaterialistic preoccupation. However, there is more to this preciousmetal than our cultures have emphasized. In fact, in ancient times,Asian civilizations have used massages with gold for rejuvenation andskin care. Therefore, the potential was noticed. Unfortunately, laterit was lost and forgotten, due to our gold rushes and other fanaticalharvesting of this metal for wrong purposes. Luckily, nowadays, moreand more cosmetic products continue to recognize the true potentialof this metal and put it to good use, making gold one of the basicingredients for slowing down the aging processes of our skin and therest of our organism. More and more positive things are discoveredabout gold as we continue to use it creatively, for the purpose ofour health.

Aesthetic Benefits of Gold

Gold is known to be capable of slowingdown our collagen depletion, while, at the same time stopping thebreakdown of elastin in our organism. This makes our skin younger looking and tight, reversing our aging process visibly, andslowing it down in the future. This affects our face and our neckgreatly and, thereby, has an incredibly prominent effect on ourphysical appearance. Furthermore, gold stimulates cell growth andregeneration in our skin, thus, again, keeping it tight and younglooking for longer periods of time. A type of gold mostly used incosmetics is the 24k one, claimed to be the very best for these,anti-aging purposes.

As we seek traces of gold usage inhistory, we can also remind ourselves, that Cleopatra, the mythicalbeautiful queen of ancient Egypt, used to have facial treatments withprecious metals like gold and platinum daily. Her beauty is stillmentioned today, and, perhaps, gold was the main culprit behind it,making it possible for you to have a stunningly beautiful facial skinas well, by giving it a chance.

Moreover, many people claim that goldis one of the best antioxidants in the world, giving an additionalfactor to its potential. What we scientifically know is that goldincreases our blood circulation. Additionally, it makes it possiblefor oxygen to reach our skin from the outside, increasing cellularfunctions, providing us with more energy and restoring our skin'syouth. Of course, there might be more benefits to this, trulyprecious, metal for you to discover once you let it do wonders toyour skin.

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