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Black Volcanic Ash

The 220 Laboratories had a verbal agreement with KateHudson and David Babaii, who is the hairstylist of the stars along with the onementioned, and this is a subject of the mentioned legal action in the SuperiorCourt of Los Angeles. According to the 222 Laboratories, the two persons have committedbreach of confidence, misappropriation of trade secrets and fraud, not tomention other 13 misdemeanors. The main issue of the legal action is the black volcanic ash, which is a part ofthe products that should alter the hairdressing world completely. The ash isfound in the South Pacific, more precisely, in Vabuatu which is located on the Tanna Island.


Some scientific studies say that a woman applies 176 chemicals on the body every day. Chemicals are very harmful especiallywhen used in these amounts, but the world is acknowledging the problem ofchemicals and people are looking for a more natural solution. One of such isblack volcanic ash, which has been used in the past as well. Product named AshPower has fine sugar crystals and volcanic ash and it provides a great body scrubproduct. The texture of this product resembles the feeling when scrubbing thesugar and skin. Exfoliation of the skin is possible with scrubbing with thisproduct and the dead cells will be removed by this action. The grains willchange their form in moisturizing foam and this happens after several minutesof rubbing.One of the bad things behind the use of this product is the blackness of theproduct that remains after scrubbing. Even the cloth you will use for theremoval of the black volcanic ash will suffer great consequences and it will probably never be used again. But the shower will certainly help in thesesituations and the black color will be eliminated from your face and possiblythe face cloth. Sulfur is a part of the volcanic ash and it is known as a good partner infighting skin issues. Minerals will surely help you return energy to your skinand remove the toxins as well.With the help of the volcanic ash you can exfoliate your body, make a maskfor your face, manage fly away hair and use it as a great lip conditioner. The areawhere this ash comes from uses the volcanic ash for cooking and this may seemlike a waste of the great fortune. When the eruption of a Vulcan occurs, theash is placed all around and this provides some sort of cooling effect whichmay stay for several years. This sort of a cover for the earth will provide a protectionfrom the sun and its influence. Those who are working on the issue of globalwarming should think about this.

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