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Fever blisters are among the most common medical problemsknown to man, as they tend to frequently affect a large number of peopleeverywhere around the world. They are actually small sores which are known fordeveloping inside the mouth and nostril, on the cheeks, chin and the lips andalso around the mouth. In most cases they are associated with slight painfulsensations. It is a well known fact that the naturally occurring stimulantcalled caffeine may be of help to a certain extent when it comes to relievingthe discomfort which is so frequently associated with fever blisters. Caffeinecan be found in numerous different types of plants and it is usually tasteless.It is only bitter in its pure form. There are certain scientific studies whichhave shown that caffeine may indeed be very efficient in speeding up thehealing process and decreasing the intensity of the painful sensationsassociated with fever blisters. It is also supposedly very effective inprohibiting the outbreak of cold sores in those who are exposed to the herpessimplex virus type 1. For those who do not know, fever blisters are triggeredby a certain type of viral infection that remains inside the body even afterall the symptoms disappear. There are also cases when fever blisters getmistaken for certain types of allergic reactions triggered by the consumptionof caffeine.


Caffeine can be found in many different types of food itemsbut the processing and the roasting and certain other factors determine theamount of it. Among the best sources of caffeine is coffee. Other commonsources of caffeine include cocoa, cola and certain types of tea. The black teais considered as the variety which contains the largest amounts of caffeine.Another excellent source of caffeine are various different types of energydrinks. Caffeine is actually one of the most potent natural stimulants and itis commonly used for the improved mental alertness and also as a pain reliever.There are also synthetically made variants of caffeine which are commonly usedin the production of sodas, energy drinks and various sorts of sport beverages.One should always be careful because excessive amounts of caffeine may beassociated with unwanted symptoms such as allergic reactions, and in some casescaffeine overdoses may even be fatal. The most common side effects of caffeinemay or may not include symptoms such as insomnia, tremors, depression, anxiety,restlessness, vomiting, nausea, frequent urination and increased heart rate.

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