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People are willing to do anything to prevent suffering from any type of cancer. Because of this, researchers are looking into all sorts of preventive methods. A certain newspaper claims that brain cancer risk will diminish significantly if people consumed caffeine. According to them, a person should consume one cup of coffee or tea every day and that dosage of caffeine will stop the tumors from growing. This is done by restriction of blood flow to the brain. The actual study included some 410,000 men and women from 10 European countries. The whole study lasted eight and a half years and it was focused on the development of two forms of brain tumor. Even though brain tumor is extremely rare, experts are looking for ways to prevent it and believe that caffeine is the key. Because of these results the experts are looking further into caffeine and its powers to prevent brain cancer. However, people should know that even though the results are promising, the research has plenty of important limitations.

What kind of research was this?

First of all, people should know that the research was carried out in London and various other academic institutions in Europe and the United States. The original goal of the study was to determine the connection between tea and coffee and the risk of glioma and meningioma, which are both types of brain tumor. A similar study was conducted in the US and it showed that glioma is a lot less common with people who consume coffee. People should also know that this was a cohort study.

What did the research involve?

This particular study involved exactly 521,448 men and women from 10 different European countries. All participants were aged between 25 and 70. At the beginning, the participants needed to complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire about their diet in the previous year. Coffee and tea intake was particularly important in order for the researchers to be able to estimate the daily intake of these two beverages. What were the basic results?

The study included 410, 309 man and women after the exclusion of the final cohort. 343 new cases of glioma and 245 cases of meningioma were discovered in the follow-up. According to the researches, people in Denmark drank most coffee, some 798mL per day. The lowest amount was in Italy. On the other hand, people in the UK drank most tea. People should know that there were no significant connections between tea and coffee consumption and brain cancer, but when looked upon combined, the results were good and showed a 34% reduced risk of glioma development.

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