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Sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. Itstarts in the lower back and goes through the buttock and further down the leg.Sciatica is the medical condition characterized by the numbness, tingling orthe pain in the leg, caused by irritation or compression of sciatic nerve roots. The pain provoked by this irritation might be very intense, andsome patients report sharp or even burning pain caused bysciatic nerve. Although the condition is rarely permanent or cause anyparalysis, some patients find this type of pain extremely incapacitating. For thosepeople, any treatment which can provide some relief fast is helpful.

What Causes Sciatica

Sciatica has no identified cause, yet. Doctors andscientists know that irritation of the sciatic nerve is the factor which leadsto sciatica, but what exactly pressurizes the nerve so much is still unknown. Peoplewon’t get sciatica if they suffer from just one injury or some specific event,that’s for sure. You need to suffer from wear on the lower part of your spine,and only then you might experience some sciatica related problems.

People in the age group 30 to 50 are most likely to sufferfrom this medical condition. Because these people are actively working and needto be able to perform every day, sciatica pain relief has become a veryprofitable industry these days.

Treatment Options for Sciatica

People often find the pain senseless, especially more so, ifthe pain is caused by aging. Symptoms of sciatica can be very mild and for certainpatients they are only uncomfortable. In these cases, symptoms usually disappearafter several days or weeks. For those who aren’t so lucky, sciatica pain canbe an extreme problem, causing these people to look for medical help.

There are two types of available treatments for sciaticapatients, and these are non-surgical and surgical therapies.

Non-surgical treatments may include: exercising and stretching,to ease the discomfort the patient has been experiencing, or combination ofheat and ice packs, oral steroids or some OTC (over the counter) pain killers,such as ibuprofen or naproxen. There are also some alternative methods, whichcan be beneficial for people suffering from sciatica. These patients might trymassage, manual manipulation or acupuncture to relieve the pain caused by the condition.Epidural steroid injections are recommended only for very severe pain cause bysciatica. Resting and strengthening the back muscles are proven methods to helpthese patients.

Surgical treatment is based on the removal of anything thatis pressuring and irritating the root of sciatica nerve, and as the resultpatients experience lessened pressure, inflammation and also less pain.

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