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A burst blood vessel in the eye is not a dangerous problem and it usually goes away after some time, usually a week or so. It does not look nice and the person suffering from it would want it to go away as soon as possible, but the vessel needs time to heal.

What is a burst blood vessel?

Blood vessels are the integral part of the circulatory system in the human body. Their function is to supply blood to different organs and parts of the body. A constant flow through these hollow tubes is required for proper circulation of blood and hence for normal functioning of the body.

Blood vessels are present in the eye as well, although they are hardly visible unless they burst. A burst blood vessel in the eye is one of the few eye problems that does not cause pain nor itching. When a vessel bursts in the eye, the blood from it accumulates in that specific region, causing the appearance of red spots or stains.

In most cases, a burst blood vessel heals on its own after some time and does not require any specific treatment. They do not interfere with normal vision and if they do cause some discomfort, it is limited to only mild irritation.

What causes a burst eye blood vessel?

A sudden rupture of one or more blood vessels in the eye can occur for several reasons, some of them completely harmless.

For example, excessive stress can put too much strain on the eye and cause a vessel to burst. Sudden and violent bouts of sneezing can also lead to this problem, just like any type of strain or sudden pressure. People who exercise a lot, especially weight-lifters, often suffer from burst blood vessels in the eye.

Hypertension or high blood pressure causes many problems throughout the body and also in the eyes. Chronic hypertension sufferers are particularly prone to burst or ruptured blood vessels in eyes.

Eye injury is one of the most obvious reasons for ruptured or burst blood vessels in the eye. In addition, frequent rubbing of the eyes, especially if pressure is applied, also carries a risk of this problem.

Sometimes high amounts of vitamin E supplements can lead to a burst blood vessel, and the same goes for certain medications, which list this problem as one of the side effects.

As for the dietary causes, garlic, ginseng and gingko are known to be among the main culprits behind ruptured blood vessels.

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