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Hearts surgery is only performed when some serious heart problems occur, and when such problems cannot be cured otherwise but by the means of a surgical procedure need to be employed for that purpose. Congenital, valvular and ischemic heart diseases are those diseases that usually require an operation in order to repair or replace some part of the heart or to insert some device to help the heart to work properly. Therefore, there are many kinds of the heart surgery, and while some of them are minimally invasive, there are also open heart surgeries.

The people who underwent a robot assisted heart operation, which is a minimally invasive surgery, needed less time for complete recovery as compared to those who had open heart surgery.

Heart surgery recovery in the hospital

Immediately after the surgical procedure the person is taken to the intensive care unit. When he/she wakes up, he/she has to bear a few inconveniences like discomforts in the chest and in the throat, as well as breathing through the breathing equipments or tubes. These breathing equipments are not necessary always, but only in cases of patients who have problems with breathing. If the recovery goes well, the person is taken to the general ward after two or three days. Meanwhile, the patient is given certain medicines to alleviate the pain and prevent some infections.

Heart surgery recovery after leaving the hospital

When the time for leaving the hospital comes, the patient is given the guidelines concerning the post operative care, such as the medicines that should be taken, how to take care of the incision, how o take a shower and how to introduce physical activities. It is very important to strictly follow these guidelines in order to have quick recovery.

The first stage of the heart surgery recovery lasts about 8 weeks from the surgery during the course of which the incision should be kept clean and dry only by soap and water. If one notices oozing from the incision, or if it turns red and warm, it is recommended to visit the doctor right away. While taking a shower, only warm water should be used and the chest should not be washed.

Painkillers are normally prescribed after the heart surgery, so they should be used as prescribed. Simple physical activities that do not cause much tension to the body can be performed in this initial phase of the recovery. Therefore, the person can walk slowly and do some simple household chores, for example. It is estimated they a few months are needed for the complete recovery after the heart surgery.

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