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The use of this stimulator can prevent the some greater problems in the future. The problem of impaired or delayed healing of bones may become a great problem, and in order to avoid this, a stimulator of the bone growth is used. Naturally, the healing of the bones is done by our body, but in some cases, this healing can become impaired and the time needed for the healing has to be decreased. This is when the growth stimulator comes into the play. This stimulator makes the bone grow faster than it can normally, and due to this, the healing time is reduced. This helpful instrument releases ultrasound waves or electrical current to the bone and causes the growth of the bone due to the osteoplastic function stimulation. This instrument will also be beneficial on the creation of new cells in the bones.

Electrical Stimulator

The radiological and clinical evidence of ineffective healing gives chance to the stimulator for bone growth, which uses electrical current. This instrument is commonly used in cases of fractures. Non-invasive, semi-invasive and invasive bone growth stimulators are types of this equipment. The current is applied directly to the bone with the non-invasive growth stimulator, while the other two deliver the electrical current internally. Pain is something relative and not all the treatments with these machines will induce pain. Next type of the growth stimulator is the one that uses ultrasound waves. The names used for this device are sonic accelerated fracture healing system or ultrasonic accelerated fracture. Orthopedics use this piece of equipment that sends low intensity sound waves. This instrument has a signal generation that is responsible for the power, and a small transducer that sends the pulsing ultrasound. In the area above the fracture, the transducer is placed and the ultrasound waves are administered. The bone healing will be caused by the alterations of the biochemical state at the cellular level, which is the result of the strain and micro-mechanical stress caused by the administered ultrasound waves. Many types of fractures can be treated with the help of this device.

Side Effects

Radiation can cause some damage, because improper administration of radiation can damage the cells and impair the growth. Also, the body of a human reacts differently to the surrounding influences, so the effect of the radiation on each individual has to be estimated. Spurs and many abnormalities can be caused by the artificial stimulation. The costs for this device differ since there are different devices. The period of 3 months is needed for the patient to wear external stimulator, while the ones who have internal bone growth stimulator do not have these worries since it is implanted in the bone.

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