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A few words about the fractures

The bone fractures are among the most common types of the injuries, especially having in mind the extremities. They are a very frequent because there are actually a lot of the movements which can lead to an accidental breakage of a bone. There are several major groups of such the injuries, mainly arranged by the extent to which the damage is made. So, when we talk about the fractures, we can say that they can be all divided into the two large groups; the complete and the partial fractures.

The treatment

Fortunately, the bone is the type of the material which has the ability to regenerate. That is, the cells of the bone ‘’realize’’ that the dead ones of them should be replaced with the healthy new ones, and that is how it actually works. But, the new cells are accumulated mostly around the fracture and that part of the bone will remain somewhat thicker and stronger. Of course, with the time passed, that place becomes even with the rest of the bone line, but that exact place cannot be broken never again. Sometimes, this process of the regeneration could be significantly slowed down in the case of the smokers, so during that period it is good to increase the levels of calcium in the organism.

Besides that, the age of the patient plays an important role in the possibility of breakage and in the process of the regeneration, and that means that the bones lose their elasticity through the time and become more fragile, and, additionally, the regeneration is not as fast as in the cases of the younger population.

Regeneration, of course, could start only after putting the broken ends back in the position is done, and it should be done right away after the injury happened. Once it is done, either, the healing process and recovery, or the surgical procedure (in the case of the more complex fracture) can begin. The latter mentioned type of injury, however, is a real problem because, in the case of the ruptured and torn nearby soft tissue, the patient should undergo the additional surgical intervention.The rehabilitation

So, the process of the recovery must be based on not allowing any movement to the just connected ends of the bone and that period usually lasts several weeks, depending of the seriousness of the injury. The cast, or the metal framework will disable any movement, but the muscular tissue of that area is very likely to show the signs of atrophy. So, some physical therapy, which is done afterwards, will put the muscles back in the shape.

Nevertheless, there are some very complicated fractures which simply cannot be healed, and, in those cases, the therapies with the ultrasound waves or the bone graft are the recommended treatments.

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