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After your precious baby is born, you want to share the happy news with all your family and friends and send out beautiful birth announcements. Many new parents are far too busy getting to know and caring for their newborn to think about how to word their birth announcement after giving birth, so preparing your birth announcements in advance (at least as a rough idea) is going to make life a lot easier. What should you put on your birth announcements?

Your typical birth announcement will include the baby's name, weight, length, and date of birth as well as perhaps the time. It will typically be printed on nice paper, perhaps in the color of your baby's gender, and include a picture of your baby soon after he or she was born. If you think that is a bit boring, you can spice up your announcement a bit. If you have older children, you could send the birth announcements out in their name, saying something like "We are proud to announce that we are big sisters now! Our little brother [insert name] was born on [insert date], and [insert statistics]."

Parents can also include a poem or Bible passage on their birth announcement. You can include foot prints on the birth announcement too! Your baby's birth announcement will not just be special to your loved ones, but is also a wonderful item to include in a baby book you make for your new little one! Whatever you say in your birth announcement may be forgotten by your relatives and friends very quickly once they get to know your baby, he or she will look at it many times through the years if you include it in a baby book or family photo album. So maybe, addressing the announcement directly to them may be another nice idea.

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