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Birth announcements are a big part of many cultures. But there is not reason you could not send out announcements that you are expecting a baby as well! In fact, there are some compelling reasons to make fun pregnancy announcement cards. What do you think? Would you send out announcements to tell everyone you are pregnant? And what could the announcement look like?

Reasons to send out pregnancy announcements

Some people might think of pregnancy cards as a narcissistic indulgence, but they can actually be very practical. When you are pregnant, you already have enough on your mind morning sickness and fatigue to name a few things. Telling everyone you meet that you are pregnant can get old very quickly. Besides, people tend to get offended very easily if you told one person that you were expecting, but forgot to tell them too. And pregnancy rumors do go round like wildfire! Pregnancy announcements can be very cute, and are a great way of informing everyone you want to share your happy news with that you are going to have a baby!

When to send them

Most women prefer to wait until the end of the first trimester (that is 12 weeks!) until they make their pregnancy public. The risk of miscarriage drastically goes down after the 12-week mark, so waiting makes a lot of sense unless you don't mind everyone being aware that you miscarried as well. And if you have a first-trimester ultrasound, an ultrasound picture is a wonderful thing to include in your pregnancy announcement.

What should they look like?

Your imagination is the limit! You can hand-craft cards, with the image of a stork, a big belly, or anything else you like. If you want a quick and more effortless announcement you can also send around ecards, or even post your announcement of Facebook if you like.

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