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Joint of the shoulder has several parts and one with the biggest significance is the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff muscles are made of several muscle and tendon groups, which are responsible for keeping the shoulder in its normal position. They are responsible for enabling us to reach and grab something over our heads or for lifting heavy objects. These muscles and tendons are responsible for these movements since they give the power and stability to the shoulder. Athletes and adults in general have great problems with injuries of the rotator cuff and some numbers say that more than 4.1 million Americans looked for help in 2006 for the rotator cuff injury.


Muscle weakness, tenderness and constant pain, along with the night pain, are some of the most common symptoms of the rotator cuff injury. Pain can be experienced while lying on the hurt shoulder, and it is important to see a doctor if the pain remains and does not go away. Athletes may even need to end their careers because of the rotator cuff injury if there is a complete tear of a tendon, or even several tears. The full functionally of the shoulder may not be regained after the treatment of such an injury. In these cases, the complete functionality of the joint can be achieved with the use of a surgery.


Seniors and mature adults find this kind of injury very common since the tendons in the rotator cuff become tear prone as we enter the final stage of life. If the athletic exertion is repetitive, which is usually the case with athletes, there is a chance they will suffer from a rotator cuff injury. This is most common among those who play sports that involve the use of a shoulder for a longer period of time, such as golf, tennis or bowling. Stress placed on the tendons of the rotator cuff during these sports is truly great. The chances of injuring the rotator cuff increase due to a career in the construction business, poor posture and age.Acute and Chronic Tear

When we fall, we usually stretch our arm to make the fall less painful, and this is one of the situations that can lead to the rotator cuff injury. Actions like this, which are powerful and sudden, can lead to the acute tear. But the most important factor for the development of chronic tear is time. Age is an important factor in the development of the chronic tear as well. The most common location for this type of injury is at or around the tendon of the bone interface.

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