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The tendons that are the most likely to get injured they are the ones that can connect the muscles to heels and elbows, and they are commonly called the ruptured Achilles tendon and the injury that is related to the problem of Tennis Elbow. But not all the injuries are the ruptures there are some other conditions that affect tendons, such as the inflammation (called tendonitis), or when tendons are just strained for example.

The common characteristic of these kinds of injuries is that they tend to happen on the areas around the joints, and they are often the result of the gradual process of damaging the tendon fibers, and this condition is medically called tendinosis. But, if this condition is followed by the inflammation of the tendon, too, it is altogether known as tendinopathy.

Besides the problem of the gradual process of tearing the fibers which happens because of the excessive effort that has been put on the certain tendon, the other things that can lead to tendon injuries can be some unexpected movements such as twists or strains. Of course, only if the warming-up wasn’t done before the physical activity.

The most pointed out symptoms of the injury of a tendon are the pain of that area and the sense of inflexibility. However, the swelling process may be sometimes included. In order to choose the best treatment, the doctor will want to know all about the previous injuries related to tendons. After that, the more precise diagnose will be reached with the help of X-ray or maybe with MRI and ultrasound.

As far as the treatment is concerned, resting and taking the painkillers are its inevitable elements. But, if there is a case of somewhat more severe tendon injury, the physical therapy is recommended. All these treatments should be combined if the inflammation is also included in the injury.

Along with the previously mentioned actions, the ice should be put on the affected area in order to reduce the swelling and the sense of pain. The treatment with ice should be performed every half an hour for the period of the first three days after the injury took place. Of course, the anti-inflammatory drugs will help.

The period of resting should be used to do the exercises for the rehabilitation of tendons which are mostly based on extending slowly the tendon to its limit. Those exercises must be combined with the ones that are focused on making the muscles of that area stronger. Of course, one mustn’t forget to warm up before and stretch after those trainings. But, sometimes the rehabilitation requires wearing a cast or brace especially in the case of the ruptured tissue.

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