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Type 2 diabetes and heart diseases can be prevented if your body is in a full shape. But, maintaining a healthy body weight and resistant immune system requires a lot of work. Based on the researches and studies in the national Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, most people that had pre-diabetes condition develop type 2 diabetes in the 10 years time. It is necessary for them to lose 5-7 % of their weight. It can be done by going on a diet and by doing regular exercises. People who suffer from pre-diabetes condition are also at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Along with the diet and physical activities, medications, prescribed by a doctor are taken. Metformin is the most common drug that endocrinologists prescribe. Statistics say that one out of ten patients looses weight while on this medication. That is partly true, but on the other side, some people experience gastrointestinal difficulty when on diet, exercise and supplement.

On what kind of a diet should people with pre-diabetic condition be, if they want to prevent themselves from further health damaging?

If you are already on a diet, than small adjustments may be needed. Doctor will tell you, after a thorough examination, what kind of food and supplements would be the best for you. It would prevent the food that you eat from turning into fat. The recommendation is to eat small meals (5-6) and avoid large ones. Caffeine intake should be reduced as well. Exercise is also important. If you do exercise every day for 30 minutes, then your insulin receptor sites can be cured and body weight reduced. Body exercise is one of the healthiest ways of prevention of the type 2 diabetes and heart conditions. Other recommended supplements for pre-diabetic patients include multivitamins. They can cover a whole spectrum of your body's needs. Holistic practitioners recommend chromium picolinate, drinking vitamin D fortified milk and spending time in the sun (20 minutes). Apart from being a supplement for pre-diabetes condition, chromium picolinate can do as a mild anti-depressant. Mineral molybdenum may be taken into account. There is a plenty of mineral molybdenum in dietary food such as beans and peanuts. Only if you are allergic to these products, you should add supplements of mineral molybdenum. This mineral helps your body to process, and carries out toxins.

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