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Natural remedies for insomnia

The first thing a person should do is to talk to the doctor. This is because insomnia can be a symptom of some other disorders like heart disease, depression, sleep apnea or even diabetes.Valerian

For many years this particular herb has been in use to help treat sleeping disorders. The medicinal name of this herb is Valeriana officinalis. Nowadays, it can be bought in almost every drug store in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy.Not even now does anybody know for sure how exactly does valerian work. Some researches say that it affects the levels of the calming neurotransmitter GABA.The good thing about valerian is that it is not addictive like most sleep medications but the bad thing is that it does not have the same effect on everyone.The normal time for taking valerian is an hour before going to sleep. People should not expect results straight away.Possible side effects of valerian include dizziness, headache, indigestion and palpitations.Before using valerian it is best that a person talks to a doctor.


This is a very sought after type of drug and is usually used when people have broken their sleeping cycle.Unlike valerian, melatonin should be taken some 30 minutes before going to bed.Doctors advise that melatonin should not be used if a person is suffering from depression, autoimmune diseases or schizophrenia. Pregnant women are also advised to stay away from melatonin.Researches have not shown any side effects from the usage of this drug but the studies have not lasted for more than three months.Kava
This is an anti-anxiety herb and is mostly used for insomnia which is related with anxiety. People who are thinking of using this drug should know that it can cause serious liver damage. Some patients even needed a transplant.

Relaxation techniques

If a person does not want to use drugs which will help him or her go to sleep, there are many known relaxation techniques which may help.For instance, visualization is one of them. When a person is in the bed all he or she needs to do is imagine a relaxing scene as best as possible. This should help.Relaxation response and mindfulness are great ways to fall asleep through meditation.Among relaxation techniques for anxiety, yoga is probably the best-known way to ease the tension and relax the whole body. Since there are lots of yoga techniques a person can choose which one suits him or her the best.Diet
A person can always change the diet in order to be able to get more sleep. The first thing to do is to cut out the caffeine. Sweets should be eaten as less as possible. On the other hand, a person should consume plenty of foods rich in magnesium.

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